The Curse

The Infamous Chaos Curse of Chaosicon

(Believe it or not!)


  • Authors nearly killed by white owl on way to Coffeyville, Kan., the setting for the novel. This was even before the first word of prose was written. The infernal bird came within inches of crashing into the windshield of a Camaro hurtling at some 70 mph in the wee hours. (Scene was later adapted for the book)
  • Research trip to Coffeyville was dramatically cut short, due to extreme heat, plagues of gnats and an overwhelming sense of dread and creepiness, all of which, however, were later woven into the plot of the novel, including the true story of a finger inadvertently being deep-fried into a “pork tender” sandwich and served to an unwary customer.
  • A few days after writing the opening scene – of a plane crash – an eerily similar plane crash took place in real life.
  • Shortly after writing a scene in which wild pigs attacked motorists in Des Moines, a similar herd of wild pigs threatened the water supply of San Francisco, where some 250 porcines went amok.
  • Likewise, shortly after penning a horrific scene depicting runaway streetcars in San Francisco, reality struck in the town of Goteborg, Sweden, where a two-car trolley lost power, killing 13 people and injuring 30.
  • The novel’s main character, Cerf, was largely modeled after a true-life con man who posed as a priest, a reporter, an investigator and an attorney, habitually appearing at the scenes of tragic events. Shortly after the manuscript was completed, this true-life individual was spotted at the aftermath of a Detroit plane crash, virtually mirroring a scene in Chaosicon in which Cerf appears as a fireman at a plane crash.


  • Less than a month after publication, 9-11 took place, causing a prominent New York agent to stop reading the book. He was too traumatized by the opening airplane crash scene and its obvious coincidence to continue reading it.
  • Shortly after publication, a prominent Hollywood agent reading Chaosicon died suddenly in his sleep. The novel was the last book he would ever read.
  • Write Way Publishing, publishers of Chaosicon, filed bankruptcy and closed its doors forever, mere weeks after publication. It was to be the last book ever published by the firm.
  • Within months of publication, an award-winning horror writer who penned a favorable blurb for the Chaosicon back cover was suddenly stricken by a severe heart attack.
  • A newspaper reporter quit her high-profile job after an intense argument with her editor after writing a highly favorable review of Chaosicon. The dispute was based on the editor’s prejudicial attitudes about the book’s controversial religious themes.
  • Coffeyville, Kansas, setting for the novel – a city previously unknown to the authors –  would later become the main distribution center for, a primary retailer for the book.  Coffeyville was also later to be named the geographical “epicenter” for the Google map page, much like the novel, in which Cerf decided to begin the ascent of Chaos in Coffeyville because it was so close to the geographical center, or “navel” of America.
  • An autographed copy of Chaosicon, personally presented to horror author Stephen King apparently so horrified the esteemed writer that he felt the immediate need to be rid of the book. It showed up several weeks later on e-Bay as a “rare collectible.”
  • In regarding these traumatic and horrific coincidences and developments, the co-authors fervently hope (and almost believe) that if they are able to dispense with the remaining copies of the book they have taken to calling “our hideous little baby,” the chaotic curse which has long hovered above their heads may be lifted at last.

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