From literary aficionados to splatterpunks!

A few years ago, we wrote and published Chaosicon, subtitled by its publisher “A Novel of Supernatural Terror” (although, to be frank, we prefer the word “horror”). It sold quite well in its first few months, got great reviews and drew enthusiastic crowds to the signings and appearances we did.

But within an agonizingly short time, our horrific bubble burst. Bad luck befell what we had grown fond of calling “our hideous little baby” (see “The Curse” on this website). The publisher went belly-up, all royalties were frozen and the remaining inventory of books fell into the icy hands of the bankruptcy court.

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After another agonizing period, during which our royalties were gobbled up by various creditors, we were finally able to wrest the remaining books from the court, stash them safely away in a dungeon-like cellar in downtown Denver and begin our devious plans for finally “getting it out there” – hence this website.

Chaosicon Sample ChaptersWe dare you to look around, read a chapter or two from Chaosicon or one of our equally horrific short stories, see what others (including a couple of pretty celebrated horror writers) have had to say about the book.

In essence, we are two authors with a bunch of shiny, fresh new copies of what we modestly consider a pretty damn good novel of supernatural . . . er, terror. And we want to move the merchandise. If you drop us a line via this website, we’ll sell them for ten bucks apiece. The books are mint hardcovers, complete with beautifully macabre dust jackets. We’ll sign copies for those of you who wish, and – for you particularly morbid readers out there – we’ll even sign it in red ink laced with our very own blood!

In sum, we’re dead serious. We’ll do just about anything to get our hideous little baby into your greedy hands, hear what you think of it, and finally – Good Lord, Finally! – make a buck or two off our book. And maybe, just maybe, have this dreadful curse lifted at last from our wretched backs.

Emanuel Isler & Christopher Leppek

The Book

“The lives of a devout priest, an Orthodox rabbi, a powerful woman telepath and a hate-filled skinhead strangely intertwine as a threat-unlike anything the world has ever faced-unwinds.”

Chaosicon is more than a thrilling novel of supernatural terror – it cuts to the very heart of our most horrifying nightmares. It explores the mysterious secrets of Jewish mysticism, Catholic demonology, the awe-inspiring world of telepathy and mind control, and the concept of hate as seen through the eyes of a fanatical skinhead. The reader ofChaosicon is thrust into a disturbing reality – a world teetering on the very brink of chaos.

To quote a sample of its reviewers:

“It’s a safari into the dark heart of nightmare.”
– Edward Bryant, Nebula Award-winning horror and sci-fi writer

“Chaos happens.”
– P.D. Cacek, Bram Stoker Award-winning horror writer

“Christopher Leppek and Emanuel Isler have created a supernatural horror novel that will appeal to fans of the genre’s grandmasters.”
– Harriet Klausner, Internet book reviewer

“A suspenseful battle of Stephen King proportions.”
– Denver Post

Chaosicon is compelling reading. The stage is set for a symbolic confrontation as order and chaos take the places of good and evil.”
– Rocky Mountain News

FINALLY, Dear Readers . . .

Check out the coverage given yours trulies by the Coffeyville Journal, hometown newspaper of Coffeyville, Kansas — the primary setting for Chaosicon: