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Here are some of the sites we find entertaining, amusing and informative.

Leigh Rich – The fantastic Ms. Rich, once a journalist, now a professor in Savannah, interviews us, in what we humbly describe as our best interview ever!

Link to the ultra-cool website of Leigh Rich, PhD, an ace journalist and professor at Armstrong-Atlantic University in Savannah, and — most significantly — a diehard ally of the Demented Duo.

Violet Books – Cool, illustrated primer on Victorian ghost story writers

Dying Words — Wonderfully ghoulish: “The last words spoken by famous people at death, or shortly before”

Amalgamated Brotherhood of Spooks — Self-described as “a webpage dedicated to classic ghost & supernatural fiction, its authors, and writings about the genre–both serious and otherwise…”

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society – Some great anecdotes for those who really believe

Haunted Places in Colorado – Similar to above, but with many more things that go bump in the night

Bridgeman Art – Works of John Atkinson Grimshaw, a fantastic artist of the macabre atmosphere

Night Gallery – Fantastic site about the 1960s TV show which, along with its predecessor “The Twilight Zone,” had a profound influence on our work

Weird Tales – Like the old “Weird Tales” mags? We do! Here’s bunches of their ultra-cool covers)

The History of Horror – Amazing site with tons of data on horror in literature, film, music, etc.

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Blood on the Rainbow -The Website of Horror Writers Leppek & Isler

We dare you to look around, read a chapter or two from Chaosicon or one of our equally horrific short stories, see what others (including a couple of pretty celebrated horror writers) have had to say about the book.

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