Coffin Opener

In the literally immortal words of the host of “Tales From the Crypt”. . .welcome fright fans!


Welcome, kiddies! Heh, heh. 

 Christopher A. Leppek and I (the infamous demented duo) creak open our cobweb encrusted door of imagination and beckon you to enter and not be afraid. is dedicated to fans of darkness. Horror, the occasional smattering of blood and the curdle of a good, long scream. This is your site and we urge you to share your deepest fears, your worst nightmares and even have you comment on your favorite scary movie.

There are no rules here. Only a need for honesty and your ongoing participation.

Simply put, this horror blog’s for you!

So what has compelled Mister Leppek and me to write horror for the past 20 years! It certainly wasn’t for the money; our first story sold for the huge monetary sum of $20. No, it’s obviously much more than that. We’ve been telling people ad infinitum that some people go home and drink themselves to a stupor; some are cruel to their spouses; and still others chose to vegetate for hours in front of their new-found God – a fifty inch plasma. Nope, that’s not us. We revel for the opportunity to shut out the pressures of our daily lives and to sit before a blank MicrosoftWord page and conjure tales that will hopefully frighten, disturb and, most importantly, entertain our legion of devoted fans.

Even for the proverbial high-brows, horror has its place in society and always will. Take a look at Shakespeare’s Macbeth for example. If the opening with demented witches cackling and cursing doesn’t qualify as horror what does? It’s like telling someone that you love Stephen King and their response is, “Oh, I don’t read or watch that kind of stuff.” I love to counter by asking them if they ever saw “Shawshank Redemption” or “Stand By Me”. I love the look on their faces when they learn that Master King created both.




Three witches are much better than one. . .

 Whether you are old or young, male or female (or in between), no matter your race or background. . .we don’t care. Our only concern is that you join is in our slightly sinister quest – as just one part of the Demented Duo – to create a global on-line society of horror fans.

If you automatically gravitate to the horror section at Blockbuster, we want you!

If you are drawn to authors such as Matheson, Lovecraft, Poe and Barker, we want you!

If you relish in the noir, we want you!

And if you prefer a creepy fright as compared to a romance novel, we want you!

Join us.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t disappoint us.

You are not alone.

Fondly, Emanuel Isler, one half of the Demented Duo.

The co-creator of Chaosicon

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