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We’re Baaaack!

E. Isler & C. Leppek (Shari Valenta photo)

Hello again, lovers of all things macabre. Your indefatigable “Demonic Duo” — Messieurs Emanuel Isler and Christopher Leppek — are back at the blog and web controls after a long absence in which we engaged in (no surprise) another obsessive bout of horror writing.

We haven’t been idle during our protracted absence from this website/blog’s predecessor, the now-defunct Chaosicon.com. In fact, we’ve been as busy as freshly-risen zombies, churning out a number of short stories for our friends at Dark Moon Digest, which has published a grisly handful of them in their quarterly and e-zine editions as well as the Ghosts! and Vampires! anthologies.

(If you’re planning to hang around the site for a few minutes, some of these tales can be checked out on this website, on the “Short Stories” page).

Our main thing at the moment, however, is our newborn and hideous little offspring.

Abattoir Video

The digest’s long-form cousin, Dark Moon Books, is the publisher of our latest novel, Abattoir, now available on Dark Moon’s website, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, in both trade print and ebook (Kindle and Nook) editions.


Anna of Abattoir (Patricia Caplette illustration)

In addition, we provide some basic background on what that wicked little book is all about, a sample chapter and some recent media coverage, on the “Abattoir” page on this website.

(Let us take the opportunity, for a moment, to thank all the cool people who showed up at Leppek/Isler’s book signing for Abattoir on July 10 at the Tattered Cover in Denver. We had a marvelous crowd, some great questions and an introduction by the “real” Anna, who was a genuine pro, not to mention impossibly cute.  Check out the photos on the ‘Abattoir’ page on this site.)

Abattoir is also the sole subject of our new Facebook page, “Abattoir: The Novel” which has lots of original content, including some eerie posts and curiosities by actual “ghost characters” from the novel itself. We’d love you to visit, hit the “like” and “share” buttons and let us know what you think. Hit the illustration below to go there now:

. . . and she can't tell anybody . . .


IN A LARGER SENSE, Blood On The Rainbow – the artfully-wrought creation of our friend, webmaster extraordinaire Jack Strube – is more or less the home base of our collective and horrific presence on the Web.

The title we’ve chosen for the site, “Blood On The Rainbow,” reflects our hope as horror writers to project horror as not only horrific (as in bloody) but also as potentially beatific (as in rainbow).

That’s not a paradox. We suspect that if you’re read this far, then you’re already on our side – that is, the side of those who disagree with the nose-in-the-air critics who think of horror as something nasty and unsavory that ought to be locked up in the basement (not that we have anything against things locked up in basements, mind you).

In short: We love horror and make no apologies for it. We think that horror – in its literary, cinematic and many other forms – needs to make no excuses for itself, whether the grounds are artistic, psychological or moral.

We believe that such masters of the genre as Poe, Blackwood, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Jackson, Matheson and King (and a good many others) should boast pedestals every bit as lofty as the “literary” giants to whom they are usually dedicated.

We like to read (and even more to write!) horror stories and novels, we like to watch horror movies, we like to go to spooky places – and we love to talk about it with fellow strangeoids.Oehme’s “Prozession Im Nebel” (1828)

We hope that our blog will become a place for fellow enthusiasts to develop a communal conversation of sorts, about horror in all of its many manifestations – literature, film, television, art, music, video games, real-life, the supernatural – and we’d love you all to join the conversation. (FYI — Readers can contribute by writing comments on the blog, or if you have a larger piece or want to include art, email them to Chris at: RedRaven75@aol.com).

Anything goes, so long as it qualifies as dark or outré – terror, the macabre, weird tales, dark fantasy, paranormal mystery, prim and proper Victorian ghost stories, profanely gory splatterpunk, vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, witches, spooks of every class.

Tell us of your own incursions into the dark side, whether real or fictional. Share with us, and everybody else, what you liked about a book you read or movie you saw, no matter how famous or obscure, no matter how new or old. Make lists of the best horror television shows of all time. Give us a tale about a haunted house in your neighborhood, or a specter who paid you a visit at midnight. If you stumble upon a gruesome painting from a virtually unknown 19th century artist, share it with us.

‘Tis a very broad canvas upon which we aspire to paint!

We want you to think of bloodontherainbow as a place where every night is dark and stormy, where every day is Halloween, where it’s always deep October and the shadows are forever sharp.

As the great (and tragically, late) Ray Bradbury put it, in his immemorial introduction to The October Country:  “That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain . . . “

The October Country

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I hope to add some of my more unusual thoughts to this blog in the future. Enjoy the darkness, my friends….

  2. the layout is great! the colors, music, and design are superb! brrrrr…. i’ve already got the creeps–i haven’t even begun to read the website, let alone the book… i will proceed cautiously. trepedaciously. into the world of the horrific and beautific. stay tuned… eeeeeeeeeek!

    mommy? where are you?

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