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Gerald Mellman photo

Mani Isler was his usual suave and debonair self on Oct. 21 as he spoke about Abattoir during the JAAMM Festival of Books at the Jewish Community Center in Denver.  He sold some books, made some friends and in general did a fine job pinch-hitting for his derelict and absent partner Chris Leppek, who was riding a bicycle somewhere in the Midwest with his brothers (a macabre tale or two from which trip is posted on the blog).





* 303 Magazine reporter Avery Johnson writes about Abattoir, and the “two creepy guys” who wrote it, in a recent online interview:

Avery Johnson/303 Magazine. (Click photo for her interview with Leppek/Isler.)











* Amazing Q&A interview for the Westword newspaper with Cory Casciato (a zombie fanatic and blogger in his own right (http://www.inevitablezombieapocalypse.com/2009/03/me-as-zombie/)

Cory Casciato in zombified form. (Click photo for his interview with authors)











* Cool promo spot on Denver’s Radio Chavura. Mani speaks with host Dean Rotbart about the horror writing process, along with a lovely intro by one of our heroes, Mr. Vincent Price:


* The full interview can now be heard on the link below:

Radio Chavura Interview

The Demonic Duo enjoy their interview on the airwaves.  Thanks to Radio Chavura.



We had a great time on July 10 at the Tattered Cover bookstore in East Denver for the signing, and unofficial debut, of Abattoir. The authors did a reading from the first chapter, discussed how the novel came to be and answered some questions from the large audience (estimates range from 140 to 200 people).  We were introduced by our friend Anna, a girl who not only looks exactly like the central character from the book but, by eerie coincidence, has exactly the same name. Thanks to her, to the wonderful folks at Tattered Cover, every single person who came and all those who have supported us in launching the book. Forthwith, a few photos (thanks to Gerald Mellman) from our night on the town:

Anna, as poised as a pro, got things going with her introduction.

Leppek creeps out the audience with his Chapter 1 reading.

Isler adopts a professorial pose as he discusses the joys of horror.

Friends, fans (and perhaps a few fiends!) gather to hear the Demonic Duo.

Abattoir as Video



Click here to read the first chapter of Abattoir



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  1. I am eagerly awaiting my copy, which I will purchase at the Tattered Cover event next week. Hoping to get my copy signed by the illustrious (infamous?) authors!

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