“Fear Clinic” Released!

It’s hard to imagine that we wrapped the filming of “Fear Clinic” in December, 2013, and now the true fun begins.

The long-awaited movie has just been released on iTunes and XBox.  On February 10th the movie will be featured in special kiosks in every Best Buy and Walmart in the country, available both on DVD and  Blue Ray.

What made this project truly special to me was the incomparable Robert Englund. I was truly honored to share time with Robert on the set and socially over an authentic Italian dinner in Cleveland’s Little Italy.  Robert is truly a professional and the proverbial nice guy. People may remember him for his classic portrayal of Freddie Krueger, the star of the “Nightmare On Elm Street” films, but his abundant talent knows no bounds.

People may be interested to know that Robert Englund is classically trained and has been a working actor the majority of his adult life.  And it was an interesting quirk of fate that changed his life; he was up for the Luke Skywalker part in “Star Wars” and lost out only to Mark Hamill.  Though these two actors have had two entirely different careers as a result, they remain close friends.

Englund appears to be constantly working, whether touring the world this year for the 30th anniversary of “Nightmare,” doing cartoon voice work, guest starring on TV’s “Bones” or playing the lead in “Fear Clinic.”  Most impressively, he loves meeting with fans wherever he goes.

I place him among one of my all-time favorite genre actors — Vincent Price.  Interestingly, the two men have much in common: Great food and fine wine, travel, art and good reads.

Mani Isler (left) and Robert Englund work together during production of “Fear Clinic,” in December, 2013.

Despite a grueling shooting schedule on “Fear Clinic”, Englund graciously agreed to spend half of his only Sunday off to complete some vital dubbing.  We needed a lot of voice work that included the title sequence in the film.  He whisked through the work, needing no direction of any kind.  It was incredibly impressive.

And how did the final movie come out?  It exceeds all my expectations.  “Fear Clinic” is a rich and satisfying experience that showcases Robert Englund’s enormous depth and talent.  I recommend it to any lover of horror and suspense.